Sesame Seeds


Sesame Seed is the seed of an annual herb, which grows well in hot climates. Sesame Seed is the most commonly produced seed. The yellowish, red, or black seeds are used in bread products, stir-fries, Jewish and Chinese confectionaries, and Middle Eastern dishes. Sesame Seeds have a nut-like, mild flavour.


Sesame Seeds are available commonly in 3 types.

  1. Hulled Sesame seeds: variety has the outer husk of the seed removed. This gives the sesame seeds a glowing whitish appearance.

  2. Natural sesame seeds:In this variety, the outer husk is intact. This gives it a slightly dull appearance as compared to the hulled variety.

  3. Black sesame seeds


Sesame seeds are packed in 15 kg (gross) paper bags.

All markings as per buyer specifications


Sesame seeds being an expensive commodity are shipped in 20 ft. container loads or in L.C.L.'s along with other commodities.


Store in airtight containers out of light.


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Hulled sesame seeds

Natural sesame seeds

Black Sesame Seeds

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