Papadoms are pancake shaped doughs that have been naturally dried. The dough is normally made from black gram (urad dal). It is one of the most popular food products in the Indian subcontinent. Papadoms are generally consumed after roasting. They have a strong spicy flavour and aroma.


There are many types of papadoms available depending on brand requested and / or flavour ordered.Some of the popular favours are:

  1. Plain: Plain normal papadoms with a slightly spice aroma and taste.

  2. Bikaneri: Softer and more bland in nature than the plain urad papad.

  3. Mung / Moong Papad: Made of mung pulses.

  4. Punjabi Special: Doubly spicy.

Some of the popular brands we ship are:

  1. Lijjat papad

  2. Ganesh Papad


Papadoms are generically packed as

200 gm packets X 80 packets=16 kg carton.

But the packing may vary as per brands requested.

All markings as per buyers' requirement


A single 20 ft. F.C.L. container consists of about 19.20 metric tons of material.


Keep away from moisture and store in cool dark place.


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Uncooked papadoms

Roasted papadoms
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