Nigella seeds are small, matte-black grains with a rough surface and an oily white interior. They are roughly triangulated similar to onion seeds slightly bitter and peppery with a crunchy texture.


Nigella seeds are majorly exported in 2 types.

  • Machine cleaned nigella seeds are lower in quality as there are chances of impurities being left behind.

  • Sortex cleaned nigella seeds are much purer than their machine cleaned counterparts as these seeds have been laser cleaned and there are negligible chances of finding any impurities.


Nigella is packed in 15 kg (gross) polypropylene bags.

All markings as per buyer specifications.


Nigella is shipped in 20 ft. container loads. A single 20 ft. F.C.L. carries around 15 M. tons of Nigella.


The best quality Nigella will contain only pure black seeds. No white impurities would be present. Nigella can be stored independently in cool dark dry places for long periods of time.


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Pure black nigella

Nigella with impurities circled in white

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