Chilli Plant is an annual sub-herb and the fruits vary in shape, size, and colour and degree of pungency. It produces mild to intense spice when eaten. Fresh Chilli peppers are very rich in vitamin C. While drying, Chilli loses most of its vitamin C, it increases the vitamin A content by 100 times.


Chilly is available in many types and colours. However, the major types of chillies that are exported from India are Red chillies. Red chillies are available in four major forms:

  1. Chilly whole with stem: are whole unbroken chillies with their stems intact.

  2. Chilly whole stem less: are chillies with their stems removed.

  3. Chilly rounds (Mundus): Rounded chillies.

  4. Chilli powder: is simply the powdered form of stem less chillies.

  5. Crushed Chilly / Pizza Powder: is derived from crushing whole chillies.


Packing as per buyers' requirement.

All markings as per client specifications.


  1. Chilly whole with stem ⇒ 6.50 M.T.
  2. Chilly whole stem less ⇒ 6.50 M.T.
  3. Chilly whole round ⇒ 6.50 M.T.
  4. Chilly powder ⇒ 18.00 M.T.
  5. Crushed chilly ⇒ 18.00 M.T.


Chilly is an extremely hot spice and must be handled with care at all times. All personnel handling chilly products must be careful to wear protective clothing while doing so. Direct contact to chilly can cause severe irritation to the skin and eyes.


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Chilly whole with long stem

Chilly whole long stem less

Chilly whole round

Chilly powder

Crushed chilly
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