Bay Leaves


Bay Leaves come from the sweet bay or laurel tree. The elliptical leaves of both trees are green, glossy, and grow up to 3 inches long. Bay Leaves are pungent and have a sharp, bitter taste.


There are no varieties in bay leaves.


Bay Leaves are generally packed in 10 kg or 15 kg net polypropylene bags, or as per the buyers' requirement.

All markings as per buyer specifications.


Bay leaves are shipped in 20 / 40 ft. container loads. The approximate volume of a 20 ft. F.C.L. of bay leaves would be around 4.00 M. tons and that of 40 ft. F.C.L. would be 9 M. tons


Bay leaves need to be kept at bay from moisture for extended periods to avoid the breeding of insects.


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Bay Leaves (Tej Patta)

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